Ever since she was a child, Cecile has had a passion for colour and pictures and she's been doodling and drawing as long as she can remember.

Her passion for pictures – drawings, prints, watercolors, photography – naturally led her towards traditional artisan framing techniques . She has also studied in watercolours at AAAV (Ateliers d'Arts Appliqués du Vésinet) and specialized in the traditional 'lavis' techniques for framing. Cécile's eclecticism led her to explore other fields in the arts and crafts. She participated actively in bringing scrapbooking as a hobby from the USA to France and co-wrote a book : «Secrets d'Ateliers - Le Scrapbooking» published by Solar. This combination of skills has led her to produce very individual work.

Cecile then turned towards 'cartonnage' techniques - creative use of block board - and together with her friend Mokette Olivier they created a new cartonnage technique : carton bois. Their first book «Cartonnage et Patine – Atelier découverte» published by LTA presents this new carton bois technique . Their second book , «Carton bois Objets et meubles patinés» is the logical continuation of their first book with more in-depth step by step descriptions of techniques and finishes. It also includes 21 new objects and furniture with detailed explanations

Now living in the heart of rural France, in the Limousin , Cécile has set up her workshop l'Atelier des Trois Fourmis where she organizes regular courses and training programs in carton bois, traditional cartonnage and artisan framing. 

Why l'Atelier des Trois Fourmis, (literally meaning The Three Ants' Workshop)? " I have always drawn these comical industious beasts, they now accompany me in the opening of my new arts and crafts workshop here in la Creuse."