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Carton bois - hand-crafted cardboard objects and furniture with a professional finish

Carton bois is a new craft based on the traditional cartonnage and artisan framing crafts but using other techniques similar to carpentry. With this craft you will create all sorts of objects such as coffee tables, chest of drawers, shelves, etc.

The patina brings out a stunning finish to the objects and furniture, they then seem to be made out of wood. This method is simple, quick, inexpensive and the result is quite surprising and gratifying.


Artisan framing and lavis

Artisan Framing and detailing

Discover the French approach to traditional art-framing which will enhance your art pieces – prints, sketches, photographs....With academic techniques in a personal and creative manner. Ouvertures droites et filets, pavés et boîtages, marges déstructurées ou patinées, lavis classiques et modernes etc. 

Straight and bevelled mounts with slivers, block-mounts and boxes, destructured mounts, patinas, traditional and modern washes,

Lavis is a traditionnal technique of wash tinting matt surfaces with ink and watercolour and is mainly used to enhance pastels and prints.


Creative framing – This new carton bois technique opens up to/allows a new approach to the art of framing. One can make very diverse, creative and personnalised frame-works adding mirrors, ribons, buttons, etc. Which leads to a wider range of suspendible objects such as pell-mells, trumeaux and shelves.




Scrapbooking will help you present your pictures - recent and vintage - in photo albums and notebooks