• Ink drawings - These original works are done on watercolor paper - 100% cotton and cold pressed - with Indian ink and watercolors. Graphic designs are intermingled with vegetation, everyday objects, insects, and many other elements.

"J" - 28cm x 28cm

"J" - detail

"J" - detail

"GINko Biloba" - 57cm x 38cm

"Ginko Biloba" -detail

"Ginko biloba" - detail

"Friends of the soul" - 28cm x 19cm

"Friends of the soul" - detail

"friends of the soul" - detail

  • Commissioned ink drawings - What a touching gift for a close friend - a watercolour with personal details concerning him or her - for a very special occaision such as a baby's first name, for a new arrival, a wedding or aniversary composition, a birthday present etc. The possibilities are infinite.
  • Collages and ink compositions - These original works are a mix of different techniques: collage, stamping, calligraphy, etc.


"ChARtres" - detail

"chARtres" - detail


"louise"- detail

"louise" - detail

  • Cards - Discover a collection of cards and name tags for each season and many occasions as well as Christmas and New Year cards.